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It is with pleasure I bring to you my knowledge, compassion, empathy, and experience.

Within you and within the Cannabis/Hemp Plant is the Power to Heal.dr-hemp-bottle

I have discovered the Quantum Mechanics of Life and now I share this with all of you.

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Doctor Hemp has Over 35 Years Experience with Medicinal Cannabis and Over 5 Years Experience with Nutritional Hemp.

DoctorHemp.com and Hempschool.org have joined together to Reveal this Knowledge.  Through the miracles of technology at wpt-new-proHempshool.org, Doctor Hemp is now available for LIVE! online consultation and classwork.  For more information Click the New Patient link above, or the Hempschool.org link at the Bottom Right to visit their website.

DoctorHemp.com is THE expert for practical implementation of Whole Plant Therapy™

Whole Plant Therapy™ relieves, cleanses then regenerates the body with Nature’s Complete Plant™.

logo-profileCannabis Activated Retrograde Synaptic Signaling (CARSS).

CARSS is the counter-part to the Central Nervous Receptor Systems (CNRS) Classical Synaptic Signaling (CSS).

CARSS Regulates & Modulates the Body’s Processes while Hemp’s Nutritional supply fuels the whole healing system as it is intended by design.  CARSS “drives” the Harm Reduction system.

We look forward to helping guide you on your path to a new you through Whole Plant Therapy™ whether you require WPT-Active or WPT-Inactive therapeutics.  (Available Exclusively from DoctorHemp.com)

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